Sonyaaaaaaaaa (sonyaaaaaaaaa) wrote in my_cat_fetches,

thx so much.

Hello, my_cat_fetches. My kittens, apparently, fetch. Both of them.

It is 6 AM, and my little Valeria woke me up about an hour ago to inform me that I had given her a catnip toy. She brought it in to show me, like, "Look, crack!" and then proceeded to run all over me and the rest of the room with much meowing and "prrt"-ing and tag-jangling. Only problem? My alarm clock is set for 10 AM today, thanks. (I admit that this is my fault for leaving her catnip, but I didn't know she'd discover it for the first time at 5 AM.)

As for my Sonyaaa... well... if I leave ponytail elastics out, she takes them. And puts them in her cat food. And then, sometimes, she puts them back. Thank you, sweetheart.

This is, incidentally, my kittens' journal, in which further hijinks may be observed. I'd say "nice to meet you," except that I'd technically rather be asleep than be posting about my fetching kitten and her fetch quest at the fetching pre-dawn hour. Have a good morning, all. :)
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