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My fetching kitty

Hi all! I'm sad that this community looks a little quiet... it's so great there are others like me!

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This is my kitty, Gypsy. I adopted her from my old roommate who couldn't keep her anymore. She's about a year old, and ever since I've known her, she would fetch. Mostly hairties, the thicker, no metal kind. She also steals them, out of drawers, out of my purse, wherever. She once tried to pull one out of my hair with her teeth as well. :D We bought her a set of bright ties (to differentiate between my blue and black ones) and she's managed to lose most of them. We got a bunch from under the couches this weekend.

Most of our games involve my boyfriend or I standing in the living room with two hairties. We throw one either up onto the couch or down the hall, and she tears after it and brings it back. The reason we'll have two is because once she sets down the tie, she likes to play "try to grab it before I claw you". So we'll throw the other tie, and grab the one off the floor. Complicated process. :)

The thing that pushed me over the edge to post in this community was last week. I was sick, and lied in bed a lot. She decided not to let that deter her, and she would hop onto the bed with one of the ties and place it carefully on my leg. Then she'd hop down and wait for me to throw it into the hallway. It cracked me up.

I'm trying really hard to get a good video of her. We'll try again this week and see what kind of luck we have.

Thanks everyone!
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