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Here we go...

Hey all! My name is Melissa. I've been lurkcing here for a while, and...I just thought I'd drop by and share some pictures of my babies...

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Me and my baby, Duditz

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Duditz again...he poses VERY well. ^_^

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Duditz and Baby Cat, fighting over a ball. Yeah, Duditz's eyes look CRAZY there!

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And lastly, the Queen of the house, Weiner Cat. Yes, yes...the name, Weiner. C'mon, I was 2 when I named her! That was 18 years ago! lol She's old, FAT and still young at heart. ^_^ She plays fetch, but she'd rather eat more often. lol

Well, that's them...all my babies. ^_^
I'll try to get some pictures of them fetching, soon.
Bai for now all, and take care!
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